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    Our slogan,
    Connecting knowledge.

    We are specialists and never operate on a stand-alone basis. We support in-house tax teams or other advisors of our clients. We bring quality to the table and help our clients in understanding new developments and we will demonstrate the way these developments affect the businesses of our clients. Modern taxation has grown from a legal issue to a situation with a more economical perspective.

    This means that our starting point is your business. We can only add value if we understand what you do. This is why we don’t work with ‘products’, since that would actually suggest that there is a standardized way to solve your tax issues. We believe this is not the correct way forward because this ignores the importance of your specific business model, value chains and sales channels. Where companies differ, optimal solutions differ as well. Where we work in combination with your in-house tax team or your tax advisors (whether big four or a local tax advisor), you will notice valuable synergy.

    All our people have a part-time connection with a university and a proven academic career with at least a Ph.D.- grade. But besides that academic input, all of us have a lot of practical experience in understanding businesses and advising our clients accordingly.

    Last but not least, our pricing is reasonable with, on average, lower hourly rates. Furthermore, you will only pay for those people who actually add value to your project.

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