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    Our strategy

    First of all, Cygnus Tax is not a regular tax advisory firm. We only work in areas where we believe we can add value to a company or its advisors. So we will always work independently but cooperate in the best possible way with the company and its advisors. Work which can be done by the company’s advisors, will be done by them. We will never compete with them, but only cooperate with them, and that makes us a reliable partner for both the company and the advisor.

    Secondly, responsible and sustainable tax planning is what we envisage. In the new world where there is no definition of what responsible tax planning is, it is quite difficult to find a smooth paved way since even states have different ideas about international taxation. It is our main philosophy to help companies in finding their way forward with a sustainable planning, with a solid reputation management but also with the best possible defense and dispute resolution. So, on the one hand, we are open-minded when it comes to defining the client’s new sustainable tax policy which we will build on the new values as defined by OECD, EU and UN, but on the other hand we are on the cutting edge when it comes to defending our clients’ interests.

    Thirdly, we are a knowledge-driven firm. This means we will remain investing a lot of time and money in keeping up with the newest developments at the highest possible level and, where possible, contribute to these developments actively. In order to maintain the highest quality level of international tax services in the broadest ways, we partner with several specialist firms like law firms, transfer pricing specialists, etc. We will use our partners only when this is agreed with the clients. As said, we are no competition for your internal tax team or your advisors. Our place is alongside them in the most fruitful way to add value.

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