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    Family owned multinational businesses

    Cygnus Tax offers a specific service for family owned multinationals. When your company is active in two or more countries, we will help you understanding the international tax rationale of your business model(s). We will depart from reviewing your current business model(s) and help you in describing your value chains. In this process, we play our part from a position between your board and your regular advisors.

    We offer a global perspective on taxation and we will combine this with the network of your current advisors. In regions where your advisors cannot support you sufficiently, we can help you since we cooperate with several global and regional networks. We will depart from the point of view that in every company the business is leading and tax just has to follow business.

    Due to many developments around the globe, international tax is not a fixed piece of law. It is a dynamic process with sometimes a tsunami of new rules, both from a national and international side. Being compliant in this world appears to be an illusion. But with a sound approach based on an optimized business model in combination with decent value chain analyses a desirable situation is within reach.

    Please contact us for discussing how we can help your company to be prepared for the future.

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