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    Cygnus Tax can support advisors in the Netherlands and abroad in running court cases with respect to international tax law. The combination of a domestic tax lawyer understanding the typical issues regarding tax court cases in a specific jurisdiction on the one hand and a tax specialist who oversees the international tax developments on the other, leads to a better and optimal result.

    We currently work for tax lawyers in the Netherlands and abroad, for second-tier audit firms all around the world, for some big four tax advisory firms and for specialized criminal tax law lawyers. A special point of attention is our servicing of advisors dealing with issues in Latin America. Our colleague Esperanza Buitrago Diaz already supports second-tier audit firms and law firms with servicing their clients in that part of the world. See tab Latin America

    Our experience in running court cases is broad. At the moment we have a history of court cases at Dutch courts and a few with the European Court of Justice (which we all won). Furthermore, we have worked on many court cases in bigger EU countries like Germany, France and Italy, but also in several countries in Latin America.

    Please let us know how we can help you with your disputes with governments, whether you are a company or an advisory firm.

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