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    Multinationals and international tax strategy.

    Since we are involved in almost all fora which are affecting the international tax developments around the globe, we understand the difficulties from the company regarding the design of their planning and, where necessary, regarding their defense (past, present and future). Therefore, we believe partnering with your organization would bring optimal value.

    What we do is designing, together with your team and/or your advisors, a structure which is as sustainable as possible. We will envisage the specifics of the typical jurisdictions around the globe and prepare your company for this. Basis for our service offering is your business model.

    The starting point is your to understand, evaluate and evolve your current tax strategy into a strategy that is sustainable for the future. If no strategy is available yet, it will be designed as a fundament for your future planning. The risk appetite of the client determines the way forward. Balancing these risks is a major step which can only be set when one is able to weigh international developments, since there is no single way forward.

    The same goes for our role in the defense of your tax structure. One simple structure can be accepted by one state and rejected by another. This demands a certain defense which is partially based on domestic tax principles, but more and more on the interpretation of the new international tax rules. Our expertise will enable us to critically monitor the several positions states take and reflect these on your business model. Please let us know how we can help you.

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