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    It is getting more and more important for companies to be aware of their commercial risks when they are mentioned in the papers or elsewhere with respect to their tax planning. In the Reputation Lab we help board members (primary and secondary, or executive and non-executive) with understanding these risks and preparing for reputation-related discussions with journalists, NGOs and others.

    Although all companies incur the risk of reputation related discussions, specifically businesses which serve consumers directly are in a more difficult position. An example is Starbucks which company paid voluntarily a serious amount of corporate income tax to the United Kingdom in order to safe their reputation.

    Questions raised by journalists or other stakeholders have to be answered in a clear way, since your reputation is in the end your most valuable asset. We can help you protect this. First of all, we can demonstrate in our Reputation Lab what would be the atmosphere of these discussions and where journalists and others will focus on. For this, please see the Apertas to receive more information.

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