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    The international tax world is changing. States take positions in their national tax laws which could lead to international double taxation. By understanding the global perspective of (international) taxation, we can help your organization overcoming this new challenge by giving you and your advisors tailor-made support by developing a sustainable planning with your advisors. That is what we call ‘connecting knowledge’.

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    Cohesion in quality and safeguarding cooperation.

    Cygnus Tax is an initiative of Hans van den Hurk. Hans is involved in many international tax developments around the world, whether based on OECD initiatives, UN ideas or EU plans. In Hans’ team you will find Dr Esperanza Buitrago Diaz who is a BEPS specialist with a strong focus on Latin America and IP planning...

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    Creating valuable synergy in tax.

    • Practical advisors with a strong academic background
    • Thinking ‘out of the box’ is our preferred way forward
    • No nonsense team, we will always be personally involved

    Our slogan is ‘connecting knowledge’. We are specialists and never operate on a stand- alone basis. We support in-house tax teams or other advisors of our clients. We bring quality to the table and help our clients in understanding new developments and we will demonstrate the way these developments affect the businesses of our clients. Modern taxation has grown from a legal issue to a situation with a more economical perspective....

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    We just love taxation since it is the most dynamic part in international law already for decades and it will be a challenging business for many decades to come. Since we are in the middle of international tax developments around the world, we are in the unique position to effectively use and share our knowledge with your team of in-house or external tax advisors.

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